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Witch Cackling & Stirring Cauldron

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Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble! Who can forget Macbeth and the song of the witches? And what would Halloween be without one? The witch in this vector clipart illustration is named Cassandra and she is up to no good... as usual. Stirring a cauldron of putrid slop and reciting an ancient incantation, A hex is born of pure hate ... and Cilantro. It's 2020 people, you can't just put an evil spell on your enemies, it has to be low carb and taste great as well! Cassandra also owns a little vegan eatery on the west side so she has to watch her p's and q's. No more eye of newt or bat wings. Damn health department. This effects the potency of the spells. the worst she can do to you now is make you a bunt cake and spell your name wrong with the frosting. 

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