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Skeleton Pirate King

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"I be so bad when I died I spit in the devils eye and stuck around to see the look on his face when he wiped me spittle off!" This vector clipart illustration paints a portrait of  Captain Morgan Kidd, who with his band of cutthroats once roamed the seven seas with one objective, steal anything from anybody. His fatal mistake was stealing hexed jewels from the native people of Akabi, a small unknown island in the Caribbean. Cursed to live for all of eternity even after the rotting flesh fell from his bones, he and his equally cursed crew continue their nefarious activities even today. It's said if you're in the right place at the right time his ship the The Heresy will pull into port and its ghastly crew will appear at the local pub to wet there long dead whistles. "So, ya best be takin' home this here fine renderment before I steal yer gizzards with the end of me blade!" You heard the captain. Download him today!

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