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Sexy Devil Woman Kneeling On Rock

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What the Hell? Yup looks like that's just where we're at in this sexy piece of vector clipart. I guess Victoria Hellstrum wasn't kidding when she said "I do what I want. Only God can judge me." I guess he did Victoria and he found you lacking! Clad in a traditional bright red body suit with horns and a tail, this buxom beauty is most popular bombshell in Hades. All the boys turn their heads when she walks by ... to spray them with gasoline. This is one hot babe! So, grab her up from the netherworld and let her spice your studio up. She'll empty your liquor cabinet and kick your dog but you designs will be excellent... and all it will cost is you soul.

Available for immediate download. No unpaid use permitted without our authorization.

Please read our license agreement before purchasing!!!