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Leprechaun Standing With Arms Folded

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Shamus is the man in charge and he knows it! Standing tall in his trademark emerald green suit with his arms crossed, he surveys the holiday landscape with confidence. Pictured here in this vector clipart illustration he's ready and able to charm the occasional traveler  Oh, he's no mere elf or holiday helper. Shamus is one of the "wee folk", A fairie from the legends of old, wielding incredible supernatural power! With his impish spirit he protects the lush green plains of the old country with a wink, a nod and a tip of his ever present top hat. So, download him! Include him in your latest design and maybe, just maybe, the saints'll smile down upon ya... or the little bugger will steal all your gold and paint your house purple with green stripes. Could be either one.

Available for immediate download. No unpaid use permitted without our authorization.

Please read our license agreement before purchasing!!!