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When I set out to create this business I knew that I wanted to give it some sort of socially responsible twist. I really believe that that those of us who are blessed enough to make money from our skills and talents should find a way to give back in some way.

After some thought and a little research I came up with a monthly charitable giving program. Here’s how it works. Each month will pick a charity and donate $1.00 from each sale (download) to it. Pretty simple right? Well, we’d love to get you all involved. To get the program started I’ve listed a few of my favorite organizations below. Our first official donation will be to the ASPCA. Now here’s where you come in. Use the form on this page to suggest your favorite charities and we’ll get them in the rotation.

Each month we’ll randomly choose from our collective list. Of course, we’ll have to check the organization and contact them for permission. We only have one rule. *** No political parties, PAC’s, candidates or political groups.