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Space Crackle Brush For Adobe Illustrator

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You know the technique. You know the look. The comic book technique that's almost as famous as it's creator. In fact, it was named after him. "Kirby" crackle! every cartoonist I know (including myself) uses it or a variation of it. In my case, I took my particular variation and "Computerified" it to save myself time. We all love the look of it and admittedly it's the perfect visual shorthand to portray crackling energy but it gets a little tedious to do after a while. That said, I fired up good ole' Adobe Illustrator and created a brush that creates the effect instantly. The Space Crackle Brush can be attached to any drawing tool in Illustrator and once installed your creative life will get a little easier. Hey, time is money and if LCI can save you some we've hit our goal. So, check the movie above out. It's that easy. Use it with the pencil or brush tool to work with it freehand or use it with the pen tool for precision. Give it a whirl and make sure you become a member! We're working on a whole slate of tools for cartoonists and Illustrators that will knock your socks off! 

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