We're trying a new feature here at LCI Stock Plus. We have a variety of art equipment in the studio that we use to create the work that you see on this site. Some things are super useful that we can't do without, some things not so much. So, we decided to begin letting folks know about both. If the thing sucks we'll tell, if it's a lifesaver we'll let you know that too. So, look at for posts marked with LCI Labs!

First up is a staple in the studio. The TIKTECK A4 ULTRA THIN LED LIGHT BOXOk, this product is fantastic… Buy it! End of review. Ha! Just kidding! Seriously, we bought one of these and use it pretty frequently. In our work, we don’t so much trace photographs as much as we trace our own layouts to refine them when we work non-digitally. personally, I’ve had about 2 light boxes before this one (and I’m showing my age here…), the first one had an actual light bulb in it and the other had a fluorescent one. The one that had the light bulb would pretty much sear your face off after about 30 minutes of use. I mean that thing was holding like the surface of the sun against your cheek. The paper would actually get wet from my sweat if I wasn’t careful (gross).

That thing had to go so I moved on to the next one which was infinitely better but at the time it was ridiculously expensive and small. I work fairly big and the work surface on that thing was 8 1/2 x 11 which meant that i was always shifting the paper around, taping things, and having a nervous breakdown in the process.

For a few years I went without one relying on marker paper (Beinfang Graphics 360. Which I still use to this day…) to do my layouts. You could see through it but it was substantial enough that it could withstand pencil drawing and repeated erasing without being chewed to a pulp like tracing paper would. Then one day I’m cruisin’ (dirty) on Amazon and come across this God-send and the price was great!

I figured if it was a piece of junk, I’d write and get my money back. So, I ordered one for the studio and low and behold… Technology! No volcano cheek sear, and it was big enough to handle my layouts! First of all, this thing is dimmable. Dimmable! Which lets me check my work without turning the thing off. Basically, a brightness adjustment! I can prop it in my lap and draw away.

It even comes with a USB plug which I can plug into whatever. Laptop, my desktop computer, etc. There are even guides running across the top and left sides for creating grids as if they peered into the dark void which is my soul. LOL!

Our one complaint on this thing is that I’m still tethered to an outlet or USB port. With lithium technology being what it is, I hope eventually, they’ll put two and two together and slap an internal battery in this thing. I know we’re all moving to all digital workfows and all but I find the TikTeck (ugghh that name… sounds like a robot for bad breath.) is affordable and useful. Oh and the size is perfect for comic pages(14.1 inch x 9.4 inch work area)! If you still work traditionally this thing is fantastic. We definitatly recommend it!

 Alright ya’ll, let's get back to work! We'll see ya on the next one…

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